Trained as Art Teacher, diploma in Interior Designing of school of Applied Arts in Lyon Beatrice Frezal exhibited in Toronto in Canada when she lived there for 4 years. But it’s in Bangkok where she lived for 3 years that her artwork became professional.

She works with several different material such as acrylic, wax and gold leaf which she discovered in Thailand.. On the theme “ Under Asian influence” we can see realism punctuated by symbols or icons and Buddha images. There is rich application of texture on the painting.

The theme “Egyptomania” reveals the artist’s fascination for Egypt and its culture.

Her approach to art is based on the places, areas and events around her, her perception of the world. The desire to paint and to continue painting is always with her and she is constantly in search of inspiration, as all artists are. The memories she has gathered during her travels across North America and Asia are translated in her paintings. They are the story of Beatrice Frezal.

Painting for her is an impulse to free herself with abstract works. She experiences them as a combat between color, form, and material. These creations are necessary to her, and the paintings take their own shape. She let herself be completely guided by imagination and feelings, a bit like an actor that needs to improvise. We can see it at work in the theme « Abstraction, strong work started, motor of creation »

Back in Europe, in the town of Rouen the artist opened a Studio Galery and continued to create and at the same time to meet people in the Galery. We can find in the theme « Normandie by air » landscapes, Normandie seashore and old vestiges. This work is based on aerial photographs of the Normandie coast.

In the cathedrale theme the artist explores new techniques as photography integration in sick medium which gives strong abstact quality to her painting. Everything is « handmade » Beatrice Frezal streches her canevas, does her colors and medium with pigments, sand and marble powder. « The artist needs to know how to do everything : to create, to do production and painting, to communicate , to give explanation about her work, to show and sale her work.That’s why it is so interesting ! » as she explains.

Back to Lyon in July 2010 after 12 years of travelling, Beatrice Frezal is teaching part time and continue to fulfill her passion, the indefinable passion to create. She is starting a new theme in reference to the city of Lyon « strength,construction and light ».

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